Seller FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions. If we don't have your question listed, ask us!

General Information

  • What types of products does Back Market Mana sell?

    There are a variety of devices, components, and accessories being sold on Mana. Currently, our catalog supports the following products:

    - Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Consoles, Headphones, Speakers and Watches.

    - Components: Batteries and screens. 

    - Accessories: Earphones, Cables and Wallchargers. 

    If you have any questions about what products can be listed, please contact us.

  • What are the fees?

    Back Market Mana maintains a service fee for each transaction as outlined in our Seller Terms of Use. There are no monthly or hidden service fees. You only pay for what you sell.

Account Management

  • How do I register to become a Seller?

    To register to sell on Back Market Mana please apply here.

  • How do I update my account details?

    If you need to make edits to your account profile please email your request to

  • Where can I see my sales history?

    Your sales history is available within the Mana Back Office.  An example of that sheet may be seen here.

Create and Manage Listings

  • How do I list my products?

    To create a listing, visit your Back Office, click your desired product category type, and fill out the required fields.     


    It is preferred that you provide all metadata in the format displayed; however, if you require a customized template, the Mana team will work with you to accommodate your needs.


    After you fill out all the required metadata fields, you’re done! The Mana team will grab new listings from your Back Office daily, and post them to the marketplace on your behalf. Learn more about the listing process by watching this tutorial


    For any questions or to submit your inventory list please contact

  • Are there minimums/maximums on the lot size?

    At this time there are no lot size restrictions; however, we highly encourage Sellers to offer a variety of sizes. List 5 or list 500. We will work with you to analyze sales across the marketplace and help inform where we see the greatest demand.


    NOTE: Mana by Back Market allows Sellers to list multiple lots of the same size. For example, if you list a lot of 50. You can list 10 of those lots allowing a customer to purchase a total of 500 devices from you.

  • How do I edit or cancel my listings?

    You may edit or delete any listing by updating your Back Office.  Simply open up the Back Office, navigate to the Edit Listings or Delete Listings tab, and input the information regarding the listings you want to edit or delete. 


    Learn more by viewing this tutorial.  


    If you have an urgent request please write to us at

  • How are prices set?

    Mana by Back Market is not a bidding platform. All product lots are listed at a fixed price.  Mana does enforce a maximum listing price per device.  Please contact us if you want to learn  more about how this maximum price is calculated.  

  • Who manages questions potential customers may have about my listing?

    The Mana team will communicate directly with the customer.  If there are any questions that we are unable to answer on your behalf we will contact you.


  • What conditions must the devices be in to sell on Mana?

    We offer a variety of esthetic and functional grades. Check out the Mana by Back Market Grading Scale.

    All components and accessories sold on Mana must be new and Sellers will be vetted by Back Market. Reach out for more information on the vetting process.


  • How does Shipping work?

    Mana by Back Market supports two shipping types.


    For each product lot listed you must indicate which option(s) you would like made available on the inventory management sheet.


    Buyer Arranged Shipping - If the Seller selects to allow the customer to arrange shipping, upon customer payment and order confirmation Back Market will connect the Seller and Buyer via email.  At that time the Seller will have one (1) business day to provide the customer with the necessary pick up information, including: 

    -Weight of the Package/s

    -Package Dimensions

    -Pick-Up Address

    -Available Time Slots for Pick-up

    -Additional Notes


    Products must be appropriately packaged and  available for pick-up within two (2) business days of the customer’s payment and order confirmation.


    The Buyer is responsible for the shipping fees any applicable duties and taxes and for arranging the product transport. The incoterm for a cross-border, Buyer Arranged shipment is Ex works (EXW).  Under this incoterm the Buyer is responsible  for export and import clearance.

    Seller Arranged Shipping - The Seller can build the shipping fee into the product lot listing price or elect to break out the fixed price shipping rate.  Once the customer has completed payment the Seller will be provided with all product lot fulfillment details.  

    -Full Name

    -Business Name

    -Shipping Address (Street #1, Street #1, City, State, Zip+4)


    -Phone Number

    -Additional delivery notes


    Learn more about the shipping process by watching this tutorial.


    The Seller will have two (2) Business Days upon receiving the shipping details to confirm shipment and the package must be scheduled to deliver within seven (7) days for US Domestic shipments and ten (10) days for International shipments to the EU.  All purchases must be appropriately packaged.


    You must provide the IMEIs, tracking number and shipping carrier name to the Back Market Mana team by updating your inventory management sheet, replying to the original order confirmation email or by writing the Back Market Mana team at, referencing the order number.

    VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to fulfill order by inputting tracking and IMEIs in your Back Office.


    The incoterm for a cross-border, Seller Arranged shipment is Delivered at Place (DAP), under this incoterm the Buyer is responsible for import clearance and any applicable local taxes or import duties.


    NOTE: It is mandatory that all shipments be trackable and insured to the product lot’s total value (equal to the amount of the sale).

  • What are some shipping best practices?

    All products  must be packaged in strong rigid outer packaging constructed of suitable material and strength.  Each individual device within the package must be protected from damage during shipment. 


    Each package must contain the Mana by Back Market delivery slip, which is included in the email confirmation sent to you by Mana by Back Market when a shipment is ready to be fulfilled. It is essential to include this delivery slip as it provides important information for the Buyer on how to complete the Mana by Back Market Return or Refund Request Form, with Mana by Back Market. You should not include any details for the Buyer to contact you directly, this includes (but isn’t limited to) email address or phone number.


    Additional best practices when shipping internationally are highlighted below.  


    On the outside of the package you should have three labels:

    -Lithium Battery Handling 

    -"Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI967" (This may be on the shipping label if the full language is included and should also be mentioned on the air waybill.)

    -Shipping Label 


    Prepare the following documents, in this order/quantity, to put inside the plastic pouch label holder on  the outside of the box.  Do not seal the plastic pouch.

    -One extra copy of the shipping label

    -One complete Template for Accompanying Lithium Battery Document Document

    -One EEI Filing Paper (UPS required)

    -Three Commercial Invoices (only required if the Shipper has not filed an Electronic Trade Document of Paperless Invoice) 


    The maximum net quantity of lithium batteries or cells per package is 5kg (excluding the equipment)


  • How am I paid?

    Payment is issued, via ACH, within three (3) Business Days of the Mana team receiving confirmation of the Seller’s shipment or customer pick up. The Seller will be issued ninety-five (95%) percent of their payment within three (3) business day of pick-up.  The remaining five (5%) percent will be issued thirty (30) days after the Seller’s shipment delivery or customer pick up date.

    We know how important your payment is, so please contact us with any questions by emailing

  • Why is Back Market Mana withholding 5% of my payment?

    Five (5%) percent of the sale price remains in escrow throughout the thirty (30) days to help ensure and ease the Seller’s ability to quickly resolve any return claims filed on a product shipment.

  • What happens if a customer can not or does not pay for their order?

    Payment is collected from the Buyer before you are asked to ship the products. 


    Once the customer has received confirmation of their order approval from Mana by Back Market they have two (2) business days to complete payment.  If payment is not completed their order is cancelled and your product lot will be automatically re-listed on the Mana site.

Tax and Invoicing

  • How do taxes work?

    Please reference the Mana Seller Terms of Use.


     If you have any questions please contact us by emailing

  • How are Buyers invoiced?

    Back Market Mana will prepare, process and deliver all invoices to Buyers on your behalf.

  • Can I sell items under Marginal VAT? (EU only)

    Yes you can! If you indicate that a lot is eligible for the VAT Margin Scheme, we will clearly indicate it on the website’s listing and on the invoice.

  • Does Back Market Mana collect VAT on EU purchases? (EU only)

    For all European based Buyers, with the exception of purchases made from a Seller within the same EU country, all prices listed on the Site are exclusive of all sales, use, and excise taxes, and any other similar transaction taxes, duties, and charges of any kind. 

    In the case of a Buyer and Seller being located in the same EU country, VAT will be calculated, charged to the Buyer and remitted to the Seller for him to declare.

Warranty Policy

  • What happens if my customer files a Return or Refund Request (RRR)?

    Depending on the grade of devices sold, the Warranty Policy may differ.  Please review both the Warranty Policy and Seller Quality Charter to best understand your responsibilities as a Seller on Mana.


    If you have any questions please contact us at

Other Questions and Troubleshooting

  • What if I require my customers to be R2 Certified?

    Mana supports the sale of Ready For Reuse or Ready for Resale lots. If you require any specific customer data or certifications to complete a sale, please contact the Mana team at

  • How do I report a fraudulent customer?

    If you have any concerns about any customer on the Back Market Mana website please contact us at

  • What is BuyBack 4 Business (BB4B)?

    BuyBack 4 Business is a new service on Mana that allows businesses to sell back their old IT equipment. Learn more about BuyBack 4 Business here.